Monday, April 7, 2008

Appetizers and Sides

Baked Potato
Item Number: AP1
Price: 100G
A delicious potato wrapped in foil and slowly baked for hours. Comes with salt or peppers and a side of butter.

Buttery Biscuit
Item Number: AP2
Price: 50G
Oven-fresh biscuits with a light, buttery taste that’s guaranteed to melt in your mouth.

Fruit Mix
Item Number: AP3
Price: 250G
An assortment of ripe summer fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. It makes a great healthy snack!

Fruit Salad
Item Number: AP4
Price: 450G
An assortment of ripe summer fruits drizzled in a sweet, but secret, sauce.

Egg Salad
Item Number: AP5
Price: 500G
This creamy collection of delicately boiled eggs, a secret sauce made of the finest ingredients, and a small pinch of salt will leave your mouth begging for more. The salad is garnished with a sprig of mint to complete its pleasing appearance.

Potato Salad
Item Number: AP6
Price: 550G
This superb salad, highlighted with crisp potato wedges and fresh country onions, is guaranteed to make your mouth water!

Potato & Egg Salad
Item Number: AP7
Price: 750G
This delicious delicacy is reserved for those who expect the finest of tastes. The potatoes are cooked to a heavenly brown, while the eggs are boiled to perfection. Adding mayonnaise makes it simply marvelous!

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