Monday, April 7, 2008


Chocolate Brownie
Item Number: DE1
Price: 375G
A sinfully sweet creation of light chocolate fudge lovingly smothered in a hot, chocolaty sauce. It compliments the Hot Coco.

G√Ęteau au Chocolat
Item Number: DE2
Price: 500G
A French term for “Chocolate Cake,” this desert is perfect for celebrations or down-in-the-dumps sort of days. Two layers of double chocolate cake are loaded with chocolate chunks and blanketed in rich chocolate icing. Yum.

Rare Cheesecake
Item Number: DE3
Price: 1200G
Light. Airy. Heavenly. Three words to describe this carefully created masterpiece. With a thin crust and creamy filling, this dish will have you craving more. Enjoy this dish with the Kiss on the Lips wine for an elegant dining experience. 5-star guaranteed.

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