Monday, April 7, 2008


Beef Steak
Item Number: DI1
Price: 1250G
A tender slab of meat gently rubbed wit spices and marinated in an imported sauce. 5-star guaranteed.

Broiled Brifne Carp
Item Number: DI2
Price: 750G
Fresh and succulent fish pulled from the clean waters of Tir Chonaill. Baked with a light lemon sauce.

Cheese Gratin
Item Number: DI3
Price: 400G
A fancy dish made from five of the finest cheeses.

Steamed Brifne Carp
Item Number: DI4
Price: 700G
A delicious Brifne Carp steamed in the clean waters of Tir Chonaill and sprinkled with salt to make a dinner only to be served in the finest restaurants.

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